The graduates are expected to have the characteristics of Programme Educational Objectives (PEO) in their professional career. The programme focuses its objectives to produce graduates who can become professionals in the field of mathematics who have the characteristics of PEO as provided below.


Able to master mathematics conceptually and able to use it in order to make decisions and to solve problems based on procedural, structured data and fact analysis. (PEO-1)  (Academic  Accomplishment) 


Able to work not only independently and collaboratively, with high integrity and work ethic, but also to continue improving themselves. (PEO-2) (Academic  Accomplishment) 


Able to bring change and improvement for ecopreneurship-based communities. (PEO-3) (General or Social Accomplishment) 


Able to apply mathematical science and take advantage of technological advances in the field they are involved in, as well as make a real contribution in solving problems in any workplace. (PEO-4) (General or Social Accomplishment).