Alumni of the S1 Mathematics Study Program join the Unesa Alumni Association (Ika Unesa), chaired by Drs. R. Soeroso, with a 2016-2021 service period. He is the Managing Director of PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Timur Tbk (Bank Jatim) who is a graduate of the Department of Corporate Economics in 1974. The news about the inauguration of Ika Unesa can be seen on the following page

Routine activities carried out by Ika Unesa include Daily Management Meetings, Education and Entrepreneurship Seminars, Training on Writing Scientific Papers, to activities supporting the Unesa program such as Car Free Day. The fields carried out by alumni include organization and membership, education and training, business development, cooperation and social affairs, and information and communication. More information about Ika Unesa can be seen on the following pages and

Ika Unesa which is supported by alumni ties for each faculty and department. Each level has an independent program and synergies according to the characteristics of each department / study program. The Unesa Mathematics Department alumni association formed a community called Mathematics Unesa Community which was realized on the facebook group on the page In this group each Member shares a networked information regarding vacancies. There are alumni who have private or conventional Tutoring Institutions (LBB) who always share information about job vacancies to students and alumni. Some alumni who work in schools also share information about teacher vacancies in their workplaces.

To further strengthen the role of alumni, in 2014 the Mathematics Department together with the alumni formed the management of an alumni association of mathematics majors named Ikama Unesa (Unesa Mathematics Alumni Association), chaired by Gaguk Triyatno (alumni of the class of 1999). One of IKAMA Unesa's major activities was the Grand Reunion in 2016. This activity invited almost all of the 1969-2012 generation and programs on IKIP and Unesa.