The undergraduate program in mathematics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, Unesa, focuses its objectives to produce graduates who can become professionals in the academics, researcher, practitioner, and entrepreneur who have the following objectives.

    1.      Able to work independently and collaboratively, with high integrity and work ethic, and continue to develop themselves and learn. (PEO-1)

    2.      Able to bring change and improvement for ecopreneurship-based communities. (PEO-2)

    3.      Mastering mathematics conceptually and able to use it to make decisions and solve problems based on procedural and structured data and fact         analysis. (PEO-3)

    4.      Able to apply mathematical science and take advantage of technological advances in the field they are involved in, as well as make a real contribution in solving problems in any workplace. (PEO-4)

    These objectives strongly support the national competences framework for undergraduate education and  are consistent with the mission of FMNS and Unesa. Such a consistency is realized by producing graduates with a strong ability to comprehend and to master mathematics knowledge and real- life problem. PEO-1 and PEO-2 are the objectives which primarily focuses on social competence, while PEO-3 is related to the  improvements of graduates’ knowledge and skills. Meanwhile, PEO-4 focuses on skill and competence. In general, all the PEO-s are intended to enable graduates to be professionals who always keep utilizing technological advancements when taking a leading roles as industrial player, academics, as well as entrepreneurs who internalize the concept of ecopreneurship in which it is not only oriented to profit but also cares about other aspects, especially environmental aspects.